The Ingredients That Make Up Great YouTube Explainer Videos

Creating videos is an effective way to pass your brand message across. And with the rapid growth of technology, you don’t need a big budget to make good quality videos. However, when making explainer videos to upload to YouTube, they must meet certain criteria to get a ton views and engagement. While YouTube is a free platform to showcase your products and services, the videos you upload will determine whether you succeed or fail. Here are the main ingredients that make up a great YouTube explainer video:

Planning is key when looking to make great explainer videos

Planning is critical to making a successful YouTube explainer video. The first step to planning out product explainer videos is to ask your audience questions. Post the questions on social media platforms to get an idea of what individuals are interested in. Also, take the time to perform research online to determine if people are interested in the topic you want to create explainer videos about. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to determine this.

Purpose of the explainer videos

You should also take the time to figure out the purpose of your explainer video. What exactly does the explainer video intended to achieve in the end? Is it to drive a ton of traffic to your site? Is it intended to harness more subscribers? Or is it intended help you to make more sales?

Your product explainer videos should have great video and audio
Making sure that all aspects of your video are up to scratch is important. So ensure to invest in a good video, audio, and lighting. In fact, aside from the visual aspect, audio is critical to the success of your explainer videos. That’s because if your audience can’t hear your brand message clearly, you will lose out big time. Customers might tolerate the video quality if the audio is up to scratch. So make sure you invest a lot to make the audio as clear as possible. If you don’t have a microphone to record a good audio, record your explainer videos in a quiet place, or stay close to your recording camera.

Lighting is a great element of your explainer videos

In this age of cutthroat competition, you might lag behind competitors if you don’t make good quality videos. Lighting is critical to producing high-quality videos. You can even create great videos with a not so great camera if the lighting is right. Natural lighting is usually preferred for shooting great videos. If you want to shoot your videos at night, when there is no natural lighting, switch on all the lights regardless of the video recording device you are using.

Your explainer videos should add value to viewers

This is the most important thing when making explainer videos for your products or services. Adding value means providing useful information or educating your audience. If you can synchronize education and entertainment, then your explainer videos can pop. Also, your videos should be able to connect with the audience and inspire them. To do all this, you must be good at your stuff. In other words, you must have extensive experience and expertise in your field to efficiently educate your audience.

Your explainer videos must be able to solve problems

Successful explainer videos always solve customers’ problems. If your audience realizes that they cannot get solutions to their problems from your videos, they will leave and never return. This is not good for business.

Your videos should have a connection

Making sales these days is about building a community of loyal subscribers or followers. These followers can then be slowly nurtured to convert. Therefore, make explainer videos that motivate viewers to subscribe to your brand. This way, you’ll have no problem selling your products and services to them, as they will have developed faith in your brand.


Well, today there is no way you’re going to cut it with half-baked explainer videos, especially when the competition is throwing every available resource to take their brand to the next level. So make sure all aspects of your video, including visual and audio are up to the mark.

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