How to Create an Explainer Video for YouTube

Create an Explainer Video

Video advertisements have been on the rise lately. They are an effective tool for grabbing the attention of viewers. A website which has a video posted on it is likely to show up higher on search engine results. The conversion rate also rises for businesses who use videos to promote their content.

Explainer videos are creative and catchy videos, usually of short length. They are ideally 60 to 90 seconds long. They are used to promote a brand or its product or service. Brand explainer videos start off with a short description of the business and its product(s)/service(s). It must do so in such a way that the viewer does not get bored midway. The video is generally infused with a bit of humor to keep the viewer entertained. Product explainer videos follow a similar pattern. They present a problem that the viewer is likely to be facing. Then they reveal the product and how it could help the viewer solve that problem. Both types of videos end with the company showing some reviews from trusted review websites. Thus, the viewer is encouraged to put their trust in your brand and buy whatever you are trying to sell them.

In the past, video-making used to be a complicated process. Now, however, it has become very easy. There are lots of guides on the internet providing details on how to make explainer videos. There are many software available which you can use to create free explainer videos and post them on your business YouTube channel. The video-making process itself also has a few steps to it. First of all, you must decide the format of your video. If you want to go for the quicker, easier way, then whiteboard explainer videos may be the best option for you. If you wish to make your advertisement livelier, more colorful, and possibly more creative, then animated explainer videos might work better. You can add pictures, animations, or slides to your video, and provide a voiceover along with it. Your video can also be live-action. The choice usually depends on the budget and target audience.

Explainer videos usually tend to have a conversational tone. They are not very formal. Some of the best explainer videos tend to use humor as an attention-grabber. Also, make sure that the most important features of your advertisement are included in the first 50 to 60 seconds of the video. This way, even if a potential customer gets bored within a minute, they can still catch the details that matter.

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