Create the Best Explainer Videos with Free Software

Videos with Free Software

getting trickier. Gone are the days when elaborate, text-based advertisements were the trend. Now, video-making has become very simple. There are plenty of programs available which you can use to make free explainer videos. With these do-it-yourself solutions, you can save a lot of money and time. There is now no need to hire professional, expensive video makers or editors. You can simply download video-making software and make a video yourself.

Explainer videos are a form of informational advertisement. The video begins with a short introduction to your brand or product. Product explainer videos introduce a problem to the audience. Then, they present the product as a solution to the problem. Hence, the customers are given a reason to think about purchasing the product. The video usually ends with positive reviews of the product. This is done so that the potential customer does not hesitate to put their trust in your company or product. This prompts viewers to go ahead and make a purchase.

The question of how to make an explainer video has a very simple answer. Nowadays, there are many software available for making explainer videos. The process of making videos requires you to be at your creative best. However, the concept of creativity is subjective. Hence, you need to understand which kind of video will be most successful at grabbing your target audience’s attention.

PowToon helps you make some of the best explainer videos. Many brands use this software to make high quality animated explainer videos. RawShorts and VideoScribe are two of the most popular tools for making whiteboard explainer videos. They are extremely easy to use and you don’t even have to possess any technical knowledge whatsoever. There are also other types of videos, such as those containing slides or hand-drawn images. The target audience’s interests and your budget and time constraints play an important role in determining which type of video you choose to make.

It has been seen that the conversion rate of a business might rise drastically if their target audience is shown explainer videos. This means that customers will be more likely to respond to a call-to-action if they are shown a video advertisement. Another advantage of advertising through videos is that it improves your website’s search engine rankings. It means your website will rank higher up in search engine results if it has a video posted on it. Therefore, videos are perhaps the best way to promote your business.

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