Best software for creating explainer videos

creating explainer videos

If you are coming across the word explainer video for the fast time, an explainer video is a short animated video that aims at explaining a business idea in a competent but straightforward way. It uses attractive visuals that quickly capture the viewers’ attention. Though short in length, an explainer video is rich in information. Creating a meaningful explainer video begins with you understanding your business and what you would like to achieve with the explainer video.

After you are sure of what you want, then you can proceed to choose the appropriate tools for creating the video. We share with you the best softwares for creating explainer videos.

1.        Rawshorts

If you are looking at creating the animation video yourself, Rawshorts is the best whiteboard animator creator software. The software features a huge collection of easy to use graphics templates. They have great effects as well as transitions.  Go ahead and try out the software, you will get surprised with a little imagination the kind of explainer video that you can achieve.

2.        PowToon

PowToon is excellent explainer video software that is easy to use.  The software’s high-quality ready-made templates will enable you to create your highly engaging and captivating explainer video in the shortest time. PowToon is the software that will help you to create high-quality power point presentation that you can use to pitch your products to potential investors.

3.        Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is the leading online video doodle animation software. The software is continuing to gain popularity a fact that can be attested with their more than 55,000 active online users. You can create an excellent explainer video through Easy Sketch Pro whiteboard animation software. The software links to the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube through a live interactive hotspot.

4.        VideoScribe

VideoScribe is leading whiteboard animation software that will enable you to create videos fast using their user-friendly engaging online video tool. Whether you are a small startup, a large corporate, community group, or a non- profit, the Videoscribe whiteboard animation tool will help you create high-quality animation videos to promote your product or service.

5.        Moovly

Moovly is a unique video online editing tool that allows a video creator to add its video and audio clips. It has doodle making tool, and in conjunction, Shutterstock has more than 150 million digital assets and also 500,000 royalty-free assets.

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